About Saint Agur

There’s a reason Saint Agur is the UK’s favourite blue cheese brand.*

Rich, smooth and decidedly different, our cheese is both milder and less crumbly than traditional blue cheeses. Saint Agur boasts a punchy, tangy taste that is softened by a luxurious creaminess, providing a perfectly balanced bite.

Saint Agur is a blue cheese from the Auvergne region in central France. The area is renowned for its production of blue cheese which has been a local tradition for centuries. The region has contrasting seasons and features with hot summers following very cold winters and green-covered volcanic hills meeting basalt stone. The Saint Agur cheese wheel, from which the Saint Agur Wedge comes from, draws inspiration from this volcanic basalt stone and uses the same octagonal shape as a tribute to its home and origins.

*Nielsen Scantrack, 52WE 27.01.2018

How we make our cheese

The cheese masters in the small French village of Beauzac in Auvergne perfected the production of Saint Agur many years ago. Today they are the guardians of this unique recipe that combines blue mould and a wonderful mushroomy flavour.

The milk used comes predominantly from local Montbéliarde cows within the Haute Loire dairy and each cheese is salted by hand during production to help bring out its unique flavour.

The cheese is then repeatedly pierced with needles during the first weeks of the maturation process to allow oxygen to flow and to trigger the development of its signature blue veins.

The final step is to ripen the cheese for ten weeks in a controlled environment where it develops its pleasantly sharp taste and perfect soft, creamy consistency.

Where to buy

The Saint Agur cheese range offers a choice so that everyone can find a blue cheese they can enjoy and fall in love with. It is available in a traditional 125g, 150g and 250g wedge format and a convenient soft ‘crème’ creamy cheese that’s easy to spread and dip. Look out for us in the stores shown here.

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