Saint Agur gnocchi

Beetroot pink gnocchis with Saint Agur blue cheese

Roses are red,

Saint Agur is blue,

Treat a loved one with something new.

This Valentine’s Day, impress your partner by adding a unique twist to this pink gnocchi.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2


  • 300g of potatoes

  • 100g of beetroots

  • 180g of flour

  • 1 Saint Agur cream

  • Some nuts kernels


  1. Peel and cut the potatoes, and cook them for 20 min in salted water.Mash them in a puree and add the cooked beetroots. Mix the puree with flour.

  2. Create, with the hand, small regular rolls and cut the roll in 2cm pieces.

  3. For the sauce, heat the Saint Agur cream and add some nuts kernels.